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How We Measure Up

Competitively priced Suits​

Custom MTM JHilburn suits

Highend, 100% Custom suits/slacks /shirts featuring the best Italian fabrics w/ complementary custom alterations/ tailoring 


**ideal for: Banking Execs,M&A,Fine Suiting connoisseurs,big spenders


Young Professional- Luxury quality, off the peg suits, competitively priced ($400+ suits). Some of these suits include custom tailoring! 


**ideal for: Lawyers,Accoutants,guys that need well fitting/updated workhorse suits. Guys that don’t wear suits often but need one for an occasion w/o breaking the bank

Brian, the owner of Hengs Suiting + Armoury, is widely considered the #trianglesbestdressedman for his look derived from global style trips & knowledge. From Italy to Austria he's gleaned a keen eye for style & tailored silhouettes.  Thanks to an obsession with accessories (vests!), Brian's skill for combining textures, fabrics,cuts and colors gives him the vision to reinterpret the closet of the Triangles most rigorous gentlemen. 
You're coming to Hengs because we get how suits should fit, tailored and timelessness. 
Understand that we're active, professionals that want out suits and professional wear to have a athletic cut if appropriate and a tailored drape at the minimum. This is in our DNA, thus the modernized suit is all we know.
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